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Published: April 7, 2020


Today I want to say a special thanks to our pastors for making the difficult decision to postpone corporate worship services at this time.
It’s not easy, and during the Easter season it’s particularly hard not to go to church. We all love the traditions of Easter Sunday, and now more than ever, can appreciate what a wonderful thing it is to celebrate the resurrection surrounded by fellow believers. I hope we’ll all return to church with a new and lasting thankfulness for the blessings of corporate worship.
Church attendance can become just a matter of (good) habit, as mechanical as a morning cup of coffee or an exercise routine. We put on nice clothes, sit and stand when we’re told, sing some songs, listen to the preacher, go home. This can all be done without the true connection to our faith that church is designed for.
I believe God wants us to use this time, when all the trappings of corporate worship have been taken away, to form a more personal relationship with Him. We’ve been jolted out of the routine that church can become, and stripped of many other things that take so much of our time. What else could He be expecting of us but to spend more of that time with Him?