Updated 8/7/20

The Pulaski Electric System Board of Directors unanimously approved a motion to adopt a TVA Power Supply Flexibility Agreement.
PES agreed to a 20-year Long-Term Partnership with TVA earlier this year that included the flexibility for the company to pursue its own solar or non-solar electric generation.
Adopting the agreement did not require PES to take action but simply allowed the company an option to pursue these possibilities in the future.
During the July meeting, the board unanimously approved financial reports for June, showing a favorable final month of the 2019-20 Fiscal Year.
A cash flow surplus for the year was $1,179,000 favorable to the budget when excluding a bond payoff.
The board  Directors approved a motion to upgrade the broadband data contract with iRis, increasing its backhaul to 15 gigabytes while decreasing cost.
A motion was passed by the board to offer the Education Network of America an upgrade to 2 GB.
ENA currently purchases a total of eleven, 1 GB circuits but initially inquired about the option to upgrade to a 10 GB circuit to all schools. Such an upgrade would require not only a software change but also an upgrade to certain hardware.