Updated 7/31/20

COVID-19 positive numbers continue to rise in Giles  County Thursday with 308 patients who have tested positive.
Of those confirmed cases, 130 have now recovered.
In Wednesday's update, negative tests increased to 4,421, up from 4,305.
Eight fatalities have been reported in Giles County.
Twenty Giles County residents have been hospitalized since May 9.
Test results in surrounding counties are: Lawrence with 421 positives, 5,365 negative, 240 recovered, six fatalities; Lincoln has 226 positives, 3,663 negative, 112 recovered, one fatality; Marshall increased to 242 positives, 3,945 negative, 134 recovered, two fatalities; and Maury with  971 positives, 10,681 negative, 512 recovered, five fatalities.
As of 2 p.m. Thursday, Tennessee has reported 102,871 total cases, 1,358,551 negative tests, 1,033 fatalities and 64,234 recovered.