Updated April 19, 2019

The federal government has issued a Major Disaster Declaration at the request of Gov. Bill Lee to make federal recovery assistance available to 56 Tennessee county jurisdictions impacted by February’s flooding and severe storms. This money was approved Wednesday.

Barry Hyatt, road superintendent of the highway department said for the counties working to rebuild bridges, roads, utilities and other infrastructure, this federal assistance will support their recovery efforts. You expect to get seventy five percent of your needs when all the government agencies have made their assessments. Hyatt went on to say that the amount Giles will receive is somewhere around $125,000. This will go a long way toward helping to reimburse the county for their disaster needs during the flooding from February 19 thru March 2019.

The counties included in the declaration include: 56 counties in the state, among them in middle Tennessee including Bedford, Giles, Hardin, Hickman, Lewis, Lincoln, Marshall, Moore, and Wayne.