Updated April 12, 2019

The Giles County Regional Planning Commission decided in a March meeting their subdivision regulations do not apply to a request that was brought before the commission.

A request from Jim Graham on Milky Way Road to allow 3 homes to be built by family members on 103.5 acres did not need the planning commissions'  approval because it was not intended to be a subdivision.

According to the commission, Giles County would not  be asked to take over a road connecting to the homes, so the road would not need to built to subdivision requirements.

Also, this month Dennis Coffman and others asked whether the commission's subdivision regulations applied to 4 homes planned on different lots on 9.7 acres off State Highway 11.

Commissioner Roger Reedy told the commission subdivisions regulations were intended to make sure road, drainage and sanitation requirements are met for building and that has been done.

Eric McMillian , a surveyor for the project, said they have everything that is needed and the commissioners agreed.