Updated March 22,  2019

Lynnville resident Charlene Woodard questioned the Lynnville Mayor and Alderman during a recent meeting concerning $50,000 the Giles County Commission  gave the town and other cities in the county for infrastructure improvements.

Lynnville Mayor Phillip Vandiver said the money was put into the town's general fund.

Woodard also asked about appearance of the city and urged officials and residents to work together to improve matters.

Broken benches, a gazebo needs to be painted and repaired, light fixtures need cleaning with new bulbs and new wood around trees with dirt and mulch, she suggested.

She also said broken sidewalks on Mill Street needs repairing plus space needs to be cleared around an air conditioning unit on the municipal building and repairing of the  library sign.

Visitors are coming in to our quaint little town and it would be awesome if the mayor and his staff would work together with the citizens to clean it up, Woodard added.

In other business, alderman heard a report from Vandiver that bids will be sought for repairs to the City Hall.