Updated March 13, 2019

The Pulaski Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved hiring a consultant to explore health insurance options for city employees.


City Administrator Terry Harrison told the board Tuesday at its regular meeting the consultant would be Bob Shoup, who has  background in health insurance, rates and coverage. 

Harrison said hiring a consultant would be a one time cost for the city.

Alderman Jerry Bryant said hiring a consultant is a good idea because the board does not have expertise on health insurance. 

Board voted for Mayor Pat Ford and Harrison to enter a contract with Shoup to study the insurance options.

In other business, the board voted to reject bids on a heating/cooling system at the city hall.

Harrison told the board,  contractors have reported the old unit needs cleaning first then evaluate problems.  The board voted to reject all bids and have the unit serviced.

Parade permits were approved for Martin Methodist College on May 4.

In old business, Mayor Ford said he is having complaints from city workers concerning poly carts not placed at the curb correctly throughout the city.

Ford added each cart should be placed with wheels to the curb and lid outside.  If this does not happen the lids are torn off when the machine wraps around the cart, he said.

According to Ford, the city has replaced over 200 lids, which is very costly.