Updated February 8, 2019

During the January meeting of the Ardmore Industrial Board it was announced that USA LED has acquired the former Kessler   building.

Ardmore, Tennessee Mayor Mike Magnusson, said, this is an exciting time in Ardmore. This operation, owned by brothers Tarun  and Tratik Patel, is an excellent addition to our community as we continue to move forward.

USA LED's range of products include LED lights, LED replacement bulbs and LED cooler tube lights. The company also sells industrial LED lighting products including LED flood lights, street lights, bay light and canopy lights.

According to Tarun Patel, they are not just in business to sell, we are also focused on providing customers with the appropriate education on LED usage to help take full advantage of the huge benefits available in LED while at the Ardmore, Tennessee site.

The facility is scheduled to be opened in 45 days.